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LeMitri's Caucasian Shepherds
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I Want One!
I Want One!
Caucasian Shepherd Sneak Peek

Caucasian Shepherds, also known as Caucasian Ovcharkas or Russia Bear dogs, often are considered an uncontrollable, extremely aggressive breed. 

Well, it's absolutely not true - see for yourself!

Is a Caucasian Shepherd Right for You?
150-200 lbs of Awesomeness

Caucasian Shepherds are a breed, known for its loyalty, size, power, and strength. This breed is not for the faint of heart. 

Back in the days, Caucasian Ovcharkas were used as bear hunting dogs - that should give you an idea of what they could be capable of. Unfortunately, similar to pitbulls, this breed is known to be highly aggressive if not socialized properly. However, it does not mean that these dogs are not trainable. They are very smart, and can be just cuddly teddy bears for you and your family.

Come, meet our Simba and Nala, and let them show you, the way true Caucasian Shepherds could be if trained properly. All you need is patience and a strong will.

Questions to Ask Yourself
Know what you are getting into

Do you have a large fenced back yard for these gentle giants to roam? They will not be happy in an apartment and you will not like them in a small space yourself.

Do you have the time and energy to train a dog that might one day weigh more than you?

Caucasians are aggressive by nature unless properly trained. If you want a friendly Bear Dog, you have to be willing to take the time to socialize them.

All puppies have accidents, but these puppies are 40-50lbs at 2 months old. So, when it rains, it pours :D Are you ready for mini-floods?

Are you ready financially? As Uncle Ben said, "With great size, comes great expensibility", or something like that. Vet bills are going to be higher, pet sitting and boarding will be more expensive, you will need more food than for a chihuahua etc.


Caucasians are not large breed dogs, they are giant breed dogs. So that means they eat quite a bit. It can be anywhere from 5-10 cups of food a day depending on the activity level. Do be careful to not overfeed due to joint and mobility issues, as obesity in dogs can take off 2-3 years of their life.


Caucasians are very healthy dogs despite their large size. They only shed twice a year during spring and fall season changes. But, when they do shed, they shed a lot. You'll be able to knit a couple of sweaters, if you are into that kinda thing :D


LeMitri's Caucasian Shepherds are purebred & hip dysplasia-free. Our pups are $2500. We require a deposit of 50% when they are 3 weeks old at that time you would pick your pup as well. They will have their ears cropped and dewclaws removed, have their first 2 sets of shots and 6 and 9 weeks first heartworm prevention and dewormed multiple times. They will need to be spayed/neutered at or around 6 months. They do come with a health guarantee. The process is fairly simple: If you want to be guaranteed to get a pup from the next litter, you would put a $100 deposit, which goes towards the price. Otherwise, we just post on our website and our social media pages when the litter is born and available, and at that point, it's first come first serve.