I Want a Pup!
Frequently Asked Questions
We are happy to answer your questions!
If you do not see an anwer to your question here, check out our Corgi or Shepherd pages! Or send us a message!
Do we have any puppies available right now?

To see if we have corgi puppies available, as well as to see when we expect next litters, check our Corgi Puppies page.

For Caucasian Shepherds puppies availability, check, well, Caucasian Shepherds puppies page.

How much do our puppies cost?

Our corgi puppies are $3000, and shepherds are $2500. Regardless of gender.

What paperwork do our puppies come with?

Our corgi pups are AKC registered. Unfortunately, caucasian shepherds are not recognized by AKC.

All our pups also come with a full set of veterinarian paperwork. For shots and vet info, proceed to the next question.

What wellness vaccines/shots and procedures will our puppies have?

Our corgi puppies will have tails docked, caucasian shepherds puppies will have their ears cropped, both breeds will have their dewclaws removed. Puppies will have their first 2 sets of shots (DHLPP, rabies, bordetella, influenza), 6 and 9 weeks first heartworm prevention and dewormed multiple times.

Do we sell to breeders?

Yes, we do.

If you are a breeder, and would like to purchase our pups with full rights (full AKC registration), reach out to us with no hesitation!

We will make sure that you are an established breeder, know your stuff, aware of DM risks, that there is no common lineage between our pups and your dogs.

If all checks out, $4500, and the pup is yours!

Where are we located?

We are located about 30 miles north from Houston, Texas.

Can we ship/deliver a puppy outside of Houston or even Texas?


If you are close enough to drive out, we can meet you half way or so. We will drive up to 3 hours your way.

If you are located far away, we can ship!

We use Delta, they have amazing service. It costs about $350-$400 to ship a puppy. To find out exact price, you can check Delta Cargo website. Click "Book a New Shipment", fill out the info, and they will provide you with the up-to-date cost.

Do we have puppy contracts?

Yes, we do.

Upon the purchase of a puppy, we will require you to e-sign our contract. You can download the blank version of the puppy contract to check it out.

Can I reserve a puppy?

If we don't have puppies available at the moment, but you would like to make sure that you get a puppy from the next litter, you can reserve your spot.

We ask for $100 deposit, which will go towards the price of the puppy.

This deposit is refundable if there will be no puppies of desired color/gender in the next litter born.